AI-Cloud Platform and Services for ECG Real-Time Monitoring

Dedicated to Providing the Best Real-Time ECG Analytics Service.

Providing You with Real-Time ECG Monitoring Service at Anywhere.

  • Simple and Rapid Access to Real-Time ECG data without any restrictions.

  • Real-time Interaction AI for Arrhythmia Detection.

  • Cost-Effective Method for Early Detection and Accurate Risk Stratification.

Software and Hardware Services

ZBeats LLC provides:


  • A cloud-based ECG monitoring system with the ability of data collection, storage, real-time access, virtualization, analysis, arrhythmia detection, etc.,

  • Adhesive patch hardware with Bluetooth embedded for wireless transmission.

  • User-end smartphone Apps.

  • Customizable products for hospitals and clinics.

  • And many other services  See more >>

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